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Forged Stainless Chef

Handforged from AEBL stainless steel! You wont find these anywhere else... First off,  Stainless is way more difficulty to forge than regular carbon steels.. It is air hardening and requires a great deal of work and care to make it happen.. Also It is thought that forging destroys the grain structure of the stainless... and it does.. but I was able to come up with a heat treat that brings it back to a smooth fine grain! Again, just as the forging takes more work so does this heat treat.  Anyways, about the blade.... This piece features flat ground primary bevels, forged flats, and laser engraved logo/brand.  It has been given a mirror polish finish.  This blade is ultimate performance and will cut like a laser.  It is not for chopping wood or bones.  It is for fine culinary use only.   It is extremely sharp and will hold the edge for a very long time... Also, being stainless it will not rust.  The handle is upcycled Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Oak in my recessed "RELIC" style fit up with hollow copper pins.  This Heirloom piece comes with a handmade leather slip sheath/retention snap.  The sheath is ambidextrous.  It is great for storing the blade as well as traveling with it on your adventures.  


Free Shipping for Cont. USA.  Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. USPS tracked. 



overall length 11."

edge length 7.25"

height 2.25"

weight 9.1oz

Forged Stainless Chef

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