My take on the popular Serbian Cleaver knife!  Forged from 80crv2 spring steel. Flat ground primary bevels with a unique finish.  Forged finish blends to a dark etch then a high polished bottom 1/3 of the blade.  This blade along with all of my pieces has a perfected kiln heat treat.... allowing this blade to go from chopping wood to slicing veggies.  It has a ridiculously sharp edge that will hold.  The handle features weathered Oak wood that has been textured/carved(different patterns on each side) then sealed and a stabilized outer hemp wrap.  Theres really alot going on in this piece.... A blade like this deserves more than a leather sheath.  That is why I made a scabbard for it.  Scabbard is 3 piece poplar wood construction that features tooled leather, copper rivets, stabilized hemp wrap, a hand forged ring, and a detachable snapped belt loop.  This is a truly unique heirloom quality piece meant for everyday hard use!


Weight: 1lb 4oz

Overall Length: 11.5"

Edge Length: 7.25"

Blade Height: 4.5"

"Drifter Edition" Serbian Cleaver