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Death Punch #16 - Ol Chode and Bones

One of a kind forged/handmade steel!!! Made from upcycled coil springs (High Carbon Spring Steel). Each one is unique and different. No two are the same... All of the Skull details are forged in by hand. These never touched a Lathe....just good ol sweat and sore fingers.  They each went through a lengthy heat treatment process and are fully martensitic.  It takes time for several heat cycles in a temperature controlled kiln.  Long Soak Times/long cool down times.  Then quenched one at a time, then fully tempered.  There are details for days in these things!  Just check out that hammer forged texture.  The tips are high polished.  These work great for cetner punching soft/annealed steel/surfaces.  Not a metal worker/bladesmith?  These make great defensive tools, window breakers, and collectible pieces.  These are a numbered run of 16. Each on has the number engraved as well as my skull and bones touchmark as well as "Pirate Forge."  I cannot say enough about how much I love these heirloom quality tools! 


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This one is a little smaller than the other guys thus the CHODE AND BONES title it has been given! lol 

weight 4.1oz

Length 4.25"

Diameter 0.562" (9/16")

Death Punch #16 - Ol Chode and Bones

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