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Death Punch

Hand Forged from high carbon spring steel. The "Death Punch" is an awesome center punch! Loads of ornate one of a kind detail. NO Two are the same! These punches have a top notch Pirate Forge in house heat treat that will make them last lifetimes. I have one of the original Death Punches in my shop. Ive used it on every single blade and piece Ive made over the past 2 years and havent even had to sharpen it! Not a metal worker or bladesmith? The Deathpunch can also be used as a self defense tool as well as a window breaker. Its also an awesome Pirate Forge collectible. As with all my work Ive put some love into these heirloom quality tools!


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Due to the handmade nature of product each one is different and will differ slightly.

weight 3.5oz

Length 5"

Death Punch