"Cat Knife" Goth Fighter

Where do I begin??? This is one very special blade.  Not only for what it is but what it means.  This is a piece from my past brought to life.  My father gave me my first knife when I was around 5 years old. It was called the "Cat Knife."

I still have no clue why it was called that. But the knife was originally purchased from a hardware store by my Dad when he was 16 years old.  He ground the edge and tip down to make it safe for a young little guy.  I carried that knife everywhere.  Possibly starting my love for blades right then and there! Even though that blade looked like a butter knife, as a little kid it looked amazing.  This Fighter is pretty much what I saw when i looked at that blade!!! Enough of the back story.....Lets talk about the blade!

Forged 80crv2 carbon steel.  This agressive blade features some beautiful curves, hollow ground primary bevels, false edge, and fullers.  The ricasso is 3/8" thick!!! Just an absolute monster....I left the forge marks on the flats then high polished the primary bevel and false edge.  The Guard and Pommel were handforged from antique wrought iron Ship Anchor Chain.  Both pieces are "keyed", meaning they are not just one size slot.  Due to forging and drifting the pieces, they have a perfect "hot fit" with the front of the guard accepting the full ricasso then the exit is the exact size of the tang.   This takes alot of work but creates a rock solid blade! The blade has a hidden through tang that is hammered over the pommel.  The handle is a combination of stabilized black hemp with red and white sealed thread overwraps.  Just like the previous "Goth" Bowie, this thing is built to last several lifetimes! The blade comes with one of my custom made leather sheaths.  The sheath features hammer peened copper rivets, copper shackle, brushed nickel snap, hand tooling, skull artwork, hand stitching, and a distressed/antiqued finish. 



Weight: 1lb 10oz

Tip to Guard Length: 8"
Overall Length: 13"

"Cat Knife" Goth Fighter