Burly Camp Style blade forged from 3/8" thick 1075 High Carbon Steel.  Blade has distal taper to tip as well as a tapered tang.  The tang also has filework with amber colored epoxy that blends well with the weathered Teak wood handle.  Hammer peened hollow copper pins.  Prior to the final heat before quench the spine of the blade was painted with clay to create a "Hamon."  The hamon is the color transition on the blade.  Not only does it look cool it causes differential hardness, giving the spine and overall blade more durability while keeping the edge at maximal hardness post temper. Blade includes handmade/tooled leather sheath with hammer peened copper rivet construction. 


Specs:  weight: 1lb

blade length:  7", 2.5"tall

overall length: 11.75"