Hand Forged Ringed Skinner! Even the handle ring was drifted and forged to shape....no drilling...just hammering!  Forged finish flats with high polished hollow ground primary bevels.  I took these hollow grinds to a very fine edge prior to sharpening, making this blade cut like a razor even after years of use and sharpening. This blade is made of spring steel and is given my professional heat treat right here in the forge.  Along with my heat treat I added a cryo cycle to this piece, dropping the temp to more than -300 deg F between tempering cycles.  The "relic" style handle features real Camel Bone that has been dyed and stabilized.  Even the copper pins have style...  I place the pins after the epoxy has set and the handle has been shaped. By doing this im able to hammer peen each end of the copper pin, flaring it and adding even more structural support and strength to the handle.  This blade includes one of my handmade/hand tooled leather sheaths.  Fold over construction with belt loop and hammered rivets (copper on the loop and steel down the weld seam).  This blade is one highly functional piece of heirloom quality art.



Weight: 6.9 oz

overall length: 9.5", blade length: 4.25"

blade height: 1.5"

Camel Bone Ringed Skinner