Here it is...The baddest machete on this planet...and I really mean that....Also, one of the wildest pieces Ive ever made.... Made from CPM 3V super steel...This powdered steel is absolutely ridiculous.  It makes for a blade with unmatched toughness and sharpness.  Along with those attributes it is a very difficulty material to work with...It destroys abrasives and has a very detailed heat treat.  From very high austenizing temps around 2000 degrees!! to even the tempering temp that would render most all other blades useless.  This beast features primary flat bevels with slight edge convexing leading up to a razor sharp edge. This piece also has deep fullers with weight reducing chamfered through holes, a clip point, and a swooped plunge line.  This thing has style and performance as well as my first ever Integral D guard!  The handle is BookMatched Stabilized English Walnut that has been slightly recess for a "heirloom" style fitup.... The large hollow copper pins have been hammer forged/flared to fit the chamfered through holes.  This makes for a mechanical hold on top of the marine grade epoxy hold.  The blade is covered with detailed work from end to end.  The blade features my "Swamp Washed" patina.  Even the copper pins have been given an aged patina.  This blade features an enlarged skull and bones lazer engraved touchmark on the right side then on the opposite side my new touchmark! Again this is the first time this new mark has been used on any of my pieces.  It is a gothic/templar cross like the one and only tattoo i have on my wrist and then my initials "W over M" next to it.  Im giving the buyer the chance to design the sheath with me.  You will be contacted shortly after purchase to discuss the design.  


Shipping included for Continental USA residents... Blade and sheath will be shipped overnight air via UPS tracked delivery 


blade specs:

overall length: 26"

blade length: 19.5"

weight: a well balanced 2.22 lb