"BANE" Swamp Sword

Bane......This is one Legendary Sword....486 layers of Random Pattern "Deathmascus" 80crv2 and 15n20.  This sword is just as beautiful as it is deadly.  I was inspired by the Japanese Nodachi....kind of like a katana with a really long handle.  The heat treat, geomety, and size of this sword makes it absolutely amazing.  If you havnt seen all the videos of it in action I suggest you check them out on my social media page!  The sword features my top notch heat treat....(kilns, professional fluid, grain assessment, rockwell testing, differential temper on full temper)  Primary flat grinds with fullers.  The guard and pommel were forged from old ship anchor chain! This is not the wrought iron anchor chain but the  medium carbon steel achor chain. Unlike the wrought iron I was able to harden/temper them.  They feature a forged key fit.  The handle is compression wrapped stabilized hemp.  The sword has a hammered through tang design.  This piece will no doubt be handed down through generations!

The sword comes with one of my custom scabbards.  3 piece oak wood, rattlesnake skin, hand tooled leather, hand forged hardware, wood carving, copper rivets, brass rivets, and stabilized hemp wrap.  The scabbard is just as much a work of art as the sword itself.  Again another heirloom treasure.



Weight: 4lb 7oz

Overall Length: 42.75"

Blade Length: 26.5"

0.25" spine thickness at ricasso. 

"BANE" Swamp Sword