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Antique Wrought Iron Anchor Chain Decision Coin

Handmade from over 100 year old Wrought Iron Anchor Chain this is one very unique piece.  Unlike modern steel, Wrought Iron is made entirely of pure iron.  It is made by repeatedly heating and reworking cast iron.  This process gives wrought iron a laminar stucture just like Damascus.  It has far higher tensile strength and is more ductile than cast iron but it is a costly material to manufacture.  That is why wrought iron production ceased in the 1970's.  Aside from being made from such awesome old wrought, it was an Anchor chain!  Who knows what this piece have chain has seen... Also not all wrought is the same.  This Anchor chain is known as "puddle wrought."  It is the most desired due to the pattern found in the steel!  Again looks just like a random pattern damascus.  One of these links weighs over 40lbs each!  The coin has been sliced from the link, surface ground, and shaped into a perfect circle.  Also, I have to cut through pounds and pounds of these anchor chains to find an inclusion free piece like this. Inclusions are small voids and its present in most pieces of wrought iron so finding clean pieces makes it even more rare.   Anyways, back to the process, after taking the coin to a fine surface finish It then received 20 hours of deep laser engraving.  This coin features new artwork a skull on one side and an owl with my skull and bones touchmark hidden in it's wings on the other.   This coin also features a "Hell No" and "Fuck Yes" making it a decision coin as well.  Make a decion with the coin flip! I also engraved "Pirate Forge" and a Anchor Chain mark into the side as well as the saying "Calm Seas Never Make A Skilled Captain" After engraving, this coin then goes for several cycles of acid etching/handsanding over the course of 8 hours.   The unique pattern and layers of the wrought iron are clearly visible.  Also, this coin will only improve with age and carry.  The oils on your hand as well as being carried in your pocket will continue to enhance the look and feel of this one of a kind piece over time!


Free shipping for continental USA residents.  Items will ship via usps tracked shipping. Will ship within 7 business days of purchase. 



diameter just over 1.875" (1 7/8")

just over 1/4" thick

weight 3.3oz

Antique Wrought Iron Anchor Chain Decision Coin

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