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Aluminum Decision Coin

Handmade from 3/8" Reclaimed Aluminum I found in my 2 story Barn next to the woods.  I was looking for some unqique material to make some stuff out of so I went digging through the Pirate Barn of mystery and wonders and found a chunk of super thick aluminum.  True story.... This Chunky coin has such an awesome look to it and Its not gonna weight you down to carry it either. After shaping the coin it took around 6 hours to deeply laser engrave all of the fine artwork. After engraving I darkened the lows then hand sanded and polished the highs.  I also engraved "Pirate Forge" into the side of it.  This is the only aluminum decision coin in existance. Grab it before its Gone...



1.687" diameter

3/8" thick


Aluminum Decision Coin

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