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.999 Fine Silver Decision Coin 1.8oz

Hand Poured and Forged! .999 Fine Silver!!! Sporting the same detailed artwork as my numbered runs.  I melt down the fine silver then pour into a round mold... I then do several cycles of forging and annealing until I get it to the shape and size I want.. The work is done with a combination of my hand hammer/202lb hay budden anvil and my hydraulic press... The coin then goes through several hours of deep laser engraving here in my shop...again.. all done by me.  Even the sides of this coin have engraving.  The side engravings in include "999 FINE SILVER", "PIRATE FORGE", my skull and bones touch mark.   I place a dark patina finish in the lows and high polish the highs... This is a stunning piece of Pirate Forge art! Its also an investment being pure silver. 


Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free USPS tracked shipping for Continental USA/

.999 Fine Silver Decision Coin 1.8oz

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