Want an 100% handcrafted carbon steel fillet knife on a budget? This is it!  I start with billet of 15n20 high carbon steel and grind the blade to shape, give it the same attention to heat treat as my other blades. Etched skull and bones touchmark, hand carved teak wood handle with stabilized hemp bolster, through tang construction.  15n20 carbon is a fantastic steel for fillet knives. The nickel in the steel makes it very tough as well as added corrosive resistance. This blade will still rust without proper care, just not as easily as other carbon steels. This blade carries a 61 rockwell edge post temper with additional tang and spine differential tempering for even more durability. 


Specs:  Overall Length 13.25", 8" blade

Weight: 2.6oz

Price is for blade only.  A sheath can be made for this blade at an additional charge by contacting Pirate Forge. 

8"Islander Fillet Knife