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1oz Copper Explicit Decision Coin

Copper Decision Coin with Some of my favorite phrases.  6 hours of deep laser engraving with details you wont get from stamped coins (pretty much how every other decion coin/challenge coin) out there is made).  This coin features new artwork, a skull on one side and an owl with my skull and bones touchmark hidden in it's wings on the other.  "Pirate Forge" is also engraved on the Owl side.   This coin also features a "Hell No" and "Fuck Yes" making it a decision coin as well.  Make a decion with the coin flip!

Free shipping for continental USA residents.  Items will ship via usps tracked shipping. Will ship within 7 business days of purchase. 



diameter just over 1.5"

just over 1/8" thick

weight 1oz

1oz Copper Explicit Decision Coin

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